Hang on to your hat. Vintage hats, that is.

It is fall and where I live it is getting to be cooler and much more windier. So why wear a run of the mill mass produced hat from the mall when you can don a unique one of a kind vintage hat?

Visit my shops for vintage hats from the 1920s through the 1970s with flair and style. For gals and guys.

These hats are for all seasons depending where you are living.

Below are just a few examples of the many vintage hats that I have for sale.

More have been added to all my shops.

Another Time Vintage Apparel

yellow vintage forties feather evening band hat ostrich plumes nightclub

1940s vintage yellow feather plume headband tilt hat


1960s brown grey vintage fedora hat small skinny brim sinatra blues

Mad Men vintage 60s Stetson fedora hat

vintage 1950s round black hat dropped stones jewels

Black 1950s vintage pill box hat with black jewels

vintage 40 forties hollywood style tilt hat over the top style

SOLD 1940s vintage tilt hat Hollywood style

vintage 1950s black large hat red roses

50s vintage black hat with red roses

forties vintage brown doll size hat large flower back band

1940s brown tilt hat with flower SOLD

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Fabulous Forties Vintage Fashions. Always a Favorite and in Style

My passion is the 1940s era. The vintage fashions, clothing,  accessories, movies and of course the music! Those fabulous forties fashions. Oh my.

The vintage forties 1940s fashions never go out of style in my mind.

Nothing is more flattering than a curvy Hollywood style 40s vintage suit or jacket. The Joan Crawford look makes everyone have the perfect hour glass figure. And the swing dresses of the era with their flirty skirts and shoulder pads are such fun.

And don’t forget the dramatic vintage hats and high heel shoes.

Here are few of my favorites.

blue chenille vintage 40s hair snood wrap rosie the riveter land girls hollywood canteen

1940s vintage hair snood or head wrap

40 forties brown sling back choked front heels shoes

1940s vintage rust brown high heels

vintage 1940s black tilt hat with bright pink feathers eveing night club hollywood

1940s vintage tilt hat with bright pink feathers

vintage 1940s tilt hat black and fur dramatic big bands night clubs

1940s vintage black felt hat with fox trim

Forties fitted hollywood striped jacket vintage

1940s striped jacket Crawford style SOLD

olive green vintage suede large clutch bag purse

1940s olive green suede clutch  SOLD!

vintage fortoes 40s black leather nun granny lace ixford shoes walking

Black leather vintage oxford shoes with designs  SOLD! But I have more.

forties vintage brown small tilt doll hat

vintage 40 brown felt and mink tilt hat

forties vintage lizard hollywood peep toe shoes Crawford style

vintage 40s lizard peep toe shoes

Wear Vintage! Be unique and always in Style.

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A 1934 35 Vintage Fashion Catalog from Lane Bryant For Larger Sizes

I just unearthed this wonderful vintage catalog of plus size vintage fashions from Lane Bryant, the leading distributor of larger size clothing and accessories from the deco 1930s. The Style Book of Slenderizing Fashions.

Fabulous deco early 1934 and 1935 fall and winter vintage  fashions are shown for the larger lady which shows that plus size clothing even in the 30s was stylish and up to date with what was happening in the fashion world.

These dresses, coats, shoes and hats are the same styles and silhouettes as the smaller sizes.

So yes, larger sizes were available and not at all dowdy or old lady looking.

I have a large inventory of plus and larger sized clothing from the 1930s through the 60s to add to Bettes Bargains Vintage clothing shop in the near future.

Below are a few photos from the book and some items from my shop that mirror these styles.

All catalog photos courtesy of a 1930s Lane Bryant fashion book.

1934 vintage fashion catalog Lane Bryant large sizes

1934 35 Fashion Book

deco clothing book slenderizing plus size styles dresses coats hats

Lane Bryant 1934 35 style book

lane bryant shopping catalog 1934 1935 for plus size fashions styles

Lovely 1934 vintage dresses for plus size women

vintage 1930s hat styles lane bryant book larger sizes

1930s hats for larger woman

vintage shoes styles 1934 35 fall winter styles book

Vintage shoes styles from 1934 and 1935

vintage 1930s black lamb coat collar update plain coat

Vintage 1930s coat collar

deco vintage fedora hat ladies 1934 early 30s
Navy felt 1930s hat. Sold.
deco early 1930s black leather pumps shoes

1930s black leather shoes

vintage collars and cuffs for 30s deco winter coats

Add collars and cuffs to update a plain 30s coat

From Another Time Vintage Apparel, my other shop.

1920 30s leather shoes with cut steel buckles size 6 1/2

Vintage 1920s shoes with cut steel buckles 6 1/2

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Vintage 1960s and 70 handbags from a purse collectors estate.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be called upon to “clean out” a handbag collectors home. The previous owner obviously was in love with quality handbags and pocketbooks. I found closet after closet of beautiful 1960s and 1970s handbags along with some matching pumps. Handbags for all seasons were lovingly tucked way.

These quality vintage 60 and 70s bags were almost all never used and still in their protective plastic.

These small box bags, Kelly style bags and unique shaped purses were all in pristine condition and all were a surprise and delight for me to find.

Some were plain leather and others were embroidered with designs and vibrant colors.

Below are a few just waiting to find another vintage pocketbook or purse collector to treasure them as much as the previous owner had.

vintage 60s 70 yellow purse circle dot design bright colors

vintage bright colored dot design bag SOLD

sketchbook flowers vintage 70s purse and shoes set

Sketchbook flowers vintage 70s classic shoes and purse set.  Coming soon!

decorative frame victorian look vintage 70s handbag cowhide

silvery grey vintage 70s evening bag in cowhide with ornate Victorian inspired frame.

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The different shapes and styles of vintage 1960s dresses. From teenagers to cocktails.

ypes of sixties 60s dress styles shapes

1960s styles of dresses

                              The early vintage 1960s had many varied styles and shapes of vintage dresses the ranged from the figure hugging to the more full skirted look . Whether they were an elegant cocktail dress or a more casual fun full skirted dress. Certain styles applied more to the ladies that worked in a office.

The above photo illustrates of few of these different styles that were popular depending on your taste. From a 1963 sewing book.

vintage shealth dress Leslie Fay 60s

60s vintage bronze  sheath cocktail dress by Leslie Fay

                                    Classic Jackie style vintage sheath dress with jeweled buttons for evening or cocktails.

1960s early cotton plaid dress full skirt

Early 1960s full skirted vintage plaid dress 

A fun younger full skirted vintage dress  in cotton candy pink plaid cotton. The younger crowd would were these to school or out on dates.

fitted waistband dress 60s rose color

1960s vintage rose colored silk dress with wide waist band

                                        A fancy cocktail party time waist defining dress in rose colored silk with a front pleat. This lovely dress would make a unique vintage wedding dress.

Many more vintage 60s dresses are found in my vintage clothing  shops.

 Another Time Vintage Apparel

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My new companion vintage shop. Another Time Vintage Apparel. More ways to shop for vintage clothing!

I love vintage clothing and all the accessories that go along with the clothing. I have amassed a huge inventory over my 17 years in business and I have just set up another website to provide you with even more vintage goodies.

Another Time Vintage Apparel and Other Fine Delights

You will be able to buy the same type of top quality authentic vintage dresses, coats, gowns, hats, shoes, handbags, gloves, scarves and more from the Victorian era through the 1960s. As always, my main function is to provide you with genuine true vintage clothing and accessories.

Rockabilly, retro, mod, deco, flapper and other styles.

Clothing with a Past!

antique vintage silk 1880s bustle back wine bodice with many buttons

1880s antique burgundy silk bodice with elaborate detailing


1960s vintage newsboy baker boy hat cap with brim London srtyle

Mod 60s vintage baker boy newsboy cap cream fabric real vintage hat

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Antique and Vintage Millinery Head Forms Mannequin Display

          From my own collection is this grouping of 1920s and 1940s authentic mannequin heads or hat forms.    Three are the old plaster and the deco 20s lady in the front is paper mache and my real find.  I have been collecting these forms and other antique and vintage dress forms and mannequins for 20 years.

  I have a passion for these old vintage heads and when they are not working they are quietly decorating my home.  

The flat wooden 1930s dress display is called a Woodikin I believe and she is genuine with all her original paint although somewhat chipped.

I thought it would be fun to share my ladies. Of course I would never sell them as they are very scarce and hard to find today.      

                                                 Enjoy!hat displays millinery heads mannequins

                                                          1920 30 40s head displays hats mannequina

                                                                dress form deco 1930s flat wood display

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A Florida vacation. The vintage way.

Plan a trip to Florida and do it the retro vintage way. Wear vintage hats, shoes and carry a great bought in Florida 1960s handbag.

We all like to reminisce about the old days and now you can relive the vintage 1950s and 60s. Just imagine wearing vintage clothing and accessories driving a vintage pink Cadillac with the top down on a hot summer day.

vintage 1960s lemon yellow pocketbook straw

SOLD Vintage 1960s lemon yellow summer handbag

60s vintage purse pocketbook summer white sea shells lucite

1960s vintage white large wicker bag with real sea shells  Sorry, this has Sold.

1960s cloche look white hat

SOLD 1960s vintage white cloche bucket style  hat   

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Vintage 1950s Curvy Larger Size Clothing

 Another Time Vintage Apparel has stylish vintage dresses & clothing for the larger size bombshell vintage loving gal.   Hard to find fashionable vintage dresses from the 1950s & 60s in bigger sizes that are as cute as the small sizes. I have a good selection of dresses from the 1950s and some have never been worn. Day dresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses. Also, blouses and sweaters.
These dresses and blouses just show that large size vintage fashion does not have to be dowdy or look like ones Grandmother.
                Stop by my newly reopened retail shop, Another Time Vintage Apparel for many
                more larger sized dresses.   16 N Main St Shrewsbury, Pa 17361 
silky like vintage 60s lus size mad man dress green flowers

Vintage 60s large size green floral sheath dress

50 vintage fitted yellow big size dress plus size polka dots summer

1950s polka dot larger size vintage dress

vintage summer large size plus dress blue checked

1950s vintage summer larger size dress with full skirt. Sold

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Vintage 1960s Vibrant Red Royal Hawaiian Floral Mod Shift Dress

I was very excited to find this fun retro mod 1960s vintage shift dress by Royal Hawaiian. It is a shift style with the cutest details at the hem of large pleats and pockets topped by large covered buttons.
It is a barkcloth heavy cotton fabric in a vibrant tropical flower print done in a bright red orange, yellow and cream print. Parts of the print is a paisley design.
If you have a Hawaiian luau event to attend this would be perfect. Or just wear anytime to stand out from the crowd. This sweet dress would even work for a vintage wedding in Hawaii.

Soon to be on Bette be Good Vintage Clothing

60s mod shift dress red orange flowers Royal Hawaiian scooter retro

Royal Hawaiian tropical dress                      

vintage royal hawaiian mod shift dress tropical print

Side details pleats of 60s dress

Here is a little information about the Royal Hawaiian company courtesy of the Vintage Fashion Guild.
In 1937 Max Lewis founded the Royal Hawaiian Manufacturing Company in Honolulu, Hawaii. By 1947 it was owned by G.J. Watumull, who made island clothing from tropical printed cotton and silk. Watumull marketed this line through his Watumull’s East India Stores.

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