About Bettes Bargains Vintage

I am a vintage clothing enthusiast and I have been a professional vintage clothing seller since 1994. I love antique and vintage clothing and accessories and I have collected and worn them since the 70s. The style, fit and uniqueness of vintage and retro clothing and accessories makes one stand out from the crowd.
I sell clothing and accessories from the Victorian era through the early 70s. My specialty is the vintage 1940s and 50s. Especially the old Hollywood looks.
I also sell vintage vanity items, compacts, perfumes, laces, small kitschy kitchen items and vintage sewing patterns.

I have been selling online since 2000 as Another Time Vintage Apparel and in business with this name since 1994.

I appreciate ALL my customers that I have had for over 14 years and I hope you will continue to stop by for your authentic vintage clothing.

Another Time Vintage Apparel,  Vintage Clothing with A Past from the Victorian era through the 1960s.

Another Time Vintage Apparel Clothing

                                      Now open at 16 N Main St Shrewsbury, Pa 17361

                                          Call 717 235 8210

                                          7 days a week            

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