Antique and Vintage Millinery Head Forms Mannequin Display

          From my own collection is this grouping of 1920s and 1940s authentic mannequin heads or hat forms.    Three are the old plaster and the deco 20s lady in the front is paper mache and my real find.  I have been collecting these forms and other antique and vintage dress forms and mannequins for 20 years.

  I have a passion for these old vintage heads and when they are not working they are quietly decorating my home.  

The flat wooden 1930s dress display is called a Woodikin I believe and she is genuine with all her original paint although somewhat chipped.

I thought it would be fun to share my ladies. Of course I would never sell them as they are very scarce and hard to find today.      

                                                 Enjoy!hat displays millinery heads mannequins

                                                          1920 30 40s head displays hats mannequina

                                                                dress form deco 1930s flat wood display

About bettesbargains

Vintage clothing enthusiast and professional vintage seller antique dealer since 1994. I love antique and vintage clothing and accessories and I have collected and worn it since the 70s. The style, fit and uniqueness of vintage and retro makes one stand out from the crowd. I sell clothing and accessories from the Victorian era through the early 70s. My specialty is the 1940s and 50s. I also sell vintage vanity items, compacts,perfumes,small kitschy kitchen items and sewing patterns. I have been selling online since 2000 as Another Time Vintage Apparel Now reopened to the public at 16 N Main St, Shrewsbury, Pa 17361 717 235 8210 7 days a week.
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