1953 Vintage Spring Shoes. Different Styles of 1950s Shoes From a Vintage Charm Magazine.

Wonderful colorful and fashionable 1953 shoes from a vintage Charm magazine. For Spring and Summer.

vintage ad for 1950s shoes  fashions in bright colors from 1953

Open toe wedge sandals shoes from 1953

vintage 50s spring shoes spikes and low heels bettesbargains

Low and high heel shoes from 1953

vintage 50s high heels ankle straps sexy vintage shoes 1950s

very high heel vintage shoes for spring 1953

vintage 50s shoe ad charm magazine sandals wedges colorful

Open toe sandals from 1953. Bright colors

vintage wedges from 1953 orchis brand spring fashions

1953 vintage shoes sandals for Spring

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Mens Vintage Film Noir Clothing at Bettes Bargains Vintage & Another Time Vintage Apparel

I didn’t forget the guys who love Film Noir style vintage clothing and accessories.

black plastic spectacle unisex 50s vintage nerdy hipster film noir

Vintage 1950s black plastic frame eyeglasses unisex

vintage 30s round beatle style silver wire rim spectacles unisex

Vintage 30s silver wire rim round eyeglasses unisex

unworn vintage 60s fedora hat mans felt grey skinny brim small brim blues jazz hipster gangster

Adams vintage 60s pork pie fedora hat classic film noir

forties fifties fim noir gangster style cigarette case box sterling silver well loved

Vintage sterling silver vintage 40 50s cigarette case

vintage 40s forties film noir mans suit wool navy striped 38 short

1940s blue pin striped vintage suit with wide lapels SOLD

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How I wish I Could Knit. Make Your Own Vintage Fashions From the 1930s and 40s

I have a collection of vintage knitting and crochet pattern books from the 1930s and 40s showing fabulous fashions and accessories to hand make. Wonderful 30s vintage dresses, coats, suits, sweaters and more to knit yourself.

There are also unique hats and bags from the vintage 1940s to knit and crochet.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to make and wear these pieces from the past?

Here are a few samples.

vintage 1930s knitting book for clothing,suits,coats.

vintage 1930s knit suit

1930s vintage pattern book to make knitted fashion clothing.

1930s vintage knit dress

vintage 30s knitting book for girls knit dress

Girls 1930s vintage knit dress to make

vintage knitting book patterns to hand knit from the 30 vintage. Vintage coats, suits,dresses,sweaters more

1930s vintage coat and dress knit patterns

vintage 1930s hand knit fashion book. Make your own clothing.

1930s knit suit to make

1945 vintage knitting book pattern for hats and handbags accessories. Make your own.

1945 knit handbags and hats book

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I Wanted To Be Like Rhoda on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Vintage Rhoda Style Clothing.

If you remember this TV show from the 1970s, you will recall Mary’s best friend was Rhoda.

Rhoda was a window dresser or display artist as it was called then and had fun unique wardrobe made up of quirky 70s pieces and older vintage clothing and accessories. She had a great style and was the Bohemian to Mary’s preppy classic style.

I loved her mix of vintage clothing, accessories and home decor worked in with the modern 70s. I also liked her profession.

I eventually did grow up to be like Rhoda and worked in visual merchandising(display) for 13 years.

Here are a few pieces from my shops that I think Rhoda would have worn. Enjoy!

glowing moonglow blue drop lucite necklace vintage 1960s

Aqua blue Moonglow rain drop pendant necklace vintage 60s

Carnaby twiggy style vintage mos 60s cap hat

Mod swinging 60s London style vintage newsboy cap hat SOLD

1960s bathrobe vintage yellow spotted leopard trim buttons

Vintage 60s yellow leopard trim bathrobe

vintage roaring twenties cloche hat 20s

1920s cloche hat in straw untrimmed SOLD

vintage 70s boots rain snow winter slip on

1970s vintage winter rubber boots with fake fur tops size 9 SOLD

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Vintage 1937 advertisement. It made me smile. B-ettes

I found this old vintage advertisment in a 1937 magazine and it made me chuckle.

This is an ad for a feminine product that was rather advanced in the 30s, but the name of the product is a take on my shop name.

Bettes Bargains.

A full month’s supply for 25 cents!

“Wearing B-ettes makes every normal activity easier and pleasanter—you can even bathe during the period you wear B-ettes.”

Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping.

B-ettes advertisement 1937 product for women

Bettes ad in vintage magazine


B-ettes feminine product ad vintage 1930s sanitary ad

Vintage 1930s sanitary product ad Bettes B-ettes

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More From My Favorite Vintage Era. The Fabulous Forties 1940s

I have been slowing letting go of some of my favorite vintage accessories from the 1940s. The Forties is my all time favorite era for clothing, hats, shoes and more.

Here are a few vintage 40s hats that I am passing along and I am hoping that someone else will love them as much as I do.

All of these pieces are authentic vintage 1940s era.

Many more to follow in all my vintage shops.

Another Time Vintage Apparel. New have been added to my shop as of March.

childrens CC41 vintage label sweater 40s jumper toddlers

Vintage CC41 1940s childs sweater jumper cream wool

2 ways to wear head wrap hair snood vintage forties

1940s cream fishnet vintage hair snood head wrap

40s vintage small beanie hat with long tassels preppy forties

Vintage 40s red felt beanie hat with tassels flowers unique

vintage 40s bump toe cuban heeled shoes navy blue pumps crawford era

SOLD 1940s navy blue leather shoes

vintage 1940s souvenir WWll clutch bag manila phillipines home front

1940s vintage Manila P I souvenir clutch bag SOLD

vintage 1940s hair snood head wrap turban rosie the riverter blue chenille hollywood

1940s genuine hair snood or head wrap turban

vintage forties hat tilt doll size large flower cream brown

1940s vintage brown doll hat with flower

vintage 40s tilt hat high crown unique straw old movies style

SOLD 1940s vintage tilt hat with a dramatic shape

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Check out my other blog,Bette Be Good Vintage Clothing.

Please stop by my other blog, Bette be Good Vintage Clothing.

More vintage fashion news and vintage shopping from Bette Be Good Vintage, my sister shop.

You can also find more vintage posts from The Best In Vintage here.

 The Best Vintage Clothing sellers on the web. I am proud to be a member.

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Visit all my new vintage clothing shops in the New Year. Another Time Vintage Apparel

I will be taking a break from selling my vintage clothing and accessories on Bette Bargains at Artfire.

As of January 7 th I will no longer be selling on Art Fire. The venue has deteriorated to a name calling fest of other sellers and even buyers. I have been a professional vintage clothing seller since 1994 and I will not stoop to the double standards that are being allowed to go on on on this venue. I value each and every one of my customers and I will not have your name named used in negative terms on their forums. Your privacy and mine is important to me.

I too will not be harassed and belittled by a select few there.

Please be wary when shopping with certain sellers as you may be the next.

Please visit my other shops for more quality antique and vintage clothing and accessories. Lots of new pieces will be coming in the New Year!

I hope to see you there.

 my latest vintage shops: http://www.anothertimevintageapparel.com/


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Hands Up! For Vintage Gloves.

The day of wearing vintage gloves for formal and everyday occasions is not over. You can still find wonderful leather or fabric gloves in bright colors, whites or neutrals. And at affordable prices.

Not only are vintage gloves in style they help protect your hands from the elements.

Most of these vintage gloves were made in the USA or France and have survived until today due to their workmanship.

Here are just a few from my vintage shops.

vintage 50s long and short pink gloves 2 pieces

Vintage 50s dinner gloves in 2 pieces

vintage tan leather gloves deco designs 30s

1930s vintage leather gloves

dark red elbow evening opera gloves vintage 80s

Vintage 1980s long red evening gloves SOLD

vintage 40s gloves rayon wrist bettesbargains

Vintage 40s garnet wrist gloves SOLD

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